Tutorials - Overview

Building a JavaScript App

The SMART on FHIR JavaScript client library helps you build browser-based SMART apps that interact with a FHIR REST API server. It can help your app get authorization tokens, provide information about the user and patient record in context, and issue API calls to fetch clinical data. This tutorial will lead you through the basics of building a SMART app using the JavaScript client.

Building a REST App

Testing Your SMART App Against The Public Sandbox

This tutorial will walk you through the steps for testing your SMART app against our public apps container from your local machine.

Simple Authorization App

This tutorial will demonstrate the basic implementation steps to perform SMART on FHIR OAuth2 authorization and retrieve patient data from scratch without relying on a specialized SMART on FHIR client. Understanding the implementation steps of this mechanism is useful if you are planning on developing your own SMART on FHIR client or would simply like to gain insight into the SMART on FHIR authorization protocol. If you would rather start with writing SMART on FHIR apps as quickly as possible, you can use our client libraries which handle the authorization process for you.

Quick-start: Making your EHR SMART

This is a getting-started guide for Health IT systems looking to support pluggable apps using SMART on FHIR. We’ll take you through the process of allowing your users to launch a single app: the open-source SMART Growth Charts app.

To Do

REST tutorial

Standalone app tutorial

Getting the user identity tutorial

The SMART on FHIR API is evolving in parallel with the FHIR ballot releases. If you spot problems, please file an issue. Or better yet, you can edit this page.