The following data are available in the SMART DSTU2 Sandbox for App testing and development.

About the SMART Sandbox

  • Core SMART Patients
    • 67 DSTU2 Core SMART Patients were created using the SMART Patient Data Generator. This tool creates sample patients in DSTU2 format from csv data files. The SMART sample patient records contain a mix of data derived from real de-identified patient records, as well as some synthetic data elements.

    • Resources include: AllergyIntolerance, Binary, Condition, DocumentReference, Encounter, FamilyMemberHistory, Immunization, MedicationDispense, MedicationRequest, Observation, Patient, and Procedure

The SMART on FHIR API is evolving in parallel with the FHIR ballot releases. If you spot problems, please file an issue. Or better yet, you can edit this page.