SMART on FHIR Profiles

To support apps that run unmodified across different health IT systems, we need a set of “ground rules” that define which data fields are required vs. optional, and which coding systems should be used in a given context. The FHIR specification leaves many of these decisions open to downstream implementers, to ensure that FHIR can work with a variety of use cases. But for a viable app platform, we need more.

Working with the community

As much as possible we want to avoid inventing these “ground rules” ourselves. In the United States, SMART has adopted the profiles outlined in the Argonaut Implementation Guide. Similarly, communities in other regions should work together to define a standard set of profiles that are appropriate for the terminology systems commonly used in their area.

The SMART on FHIR API is evolving in parallel with the FHIR ballot releases. If you spot problems, please file an issue. Or better yet, you can edit this page.