The following data are available in the SMART DSTU2 Sandbox for App testing and development.

About the SMART Sandbox

Dataset Tag Number of Patients Browse Data
Core SMART Patients smart-8-2017 67
Synthea Synthetic Patients synthea-8-2017 1,461

  • Core SMART Patients
    • 67 DSTU2 Core SMART Patients were created using the SMART Patient Data Generator. This tool creates sample patients in DSTU2 format from csv data files. The SMART sample patient records contain a mix of data derived from real de-identified patient records, as well as some synthetic data elements.

    • Resources include: AllergyIntolerance, Binary, Condition, DocumentReference, Encounter, FamilyMemberHistory, Immunization, MedicationDispense, MedicationRequest, Observation, Patient, and Procedure

  • Synthea Synthetic Patients
    • The SMART Team generated 1461 Synthetic sample patients in FHIR DSTU2 format using the MITRE Synthea tool. For each synthetic patient, Synthea data contains a complete medical history, including medications, allergies, medical encounters, and social determinants of health.

    • August 2017 Release:

      • Tag: synthea-8-2017

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